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The lessons outlined below gradually build on each other. Please read through each lesson and complete the assigned tasks as we go along. 


Let's Talk

Objective: Students will develop an understanding of community-engaged art practice by discussing the Mending Walls project.


Join the class Zoom for Day One

  • We will define community-engaged art practice through class discussion and interactive surveys. 

  • Please refer to the Project Breakdown presentation that we will review in-class.

  • Register to the class website for full access.

Image courtesy of Mending Walls

Mending Walls Research (asynchronous )

  • Complete the research tasks:

  • Respond to the research prompts on the
    Lesson 1 Google 

    • Include your name so I know it was you ;)

    • You may add images and gifs to your written response (optional)​


Image courtesy of VPM


Objective: Students will explore larger concepts of the Mending Walls mural project

Let's Explore


Independent Deep Dive (asynchronous )

  • Reflect on the ways the Mending Walls project has been used to address community issues via prompts on the Lesson 2 Jamboard

    • Include your name so I know it was you ;)

    • You may add images and gifs to your written response (optional)​

Image courtesy of Mending Walls

Creative Response (asynchronous )

Complete these two activities, post them on the class Instagram, then respond to a peer's post


Image courtesy of @emmalillys


Objective: Students will break into groups to reflect more deeply on a select mural concept

Let's Reflect

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 9.58.52 AM.png

Identity Mapping Activity (asynchronous )


  • Discover your assigned group here

  • Go to the "MURAL BOARD" link under your assigned group to contribute to a digital collaborative mind-map

    • Share your personal connections to the central Mending Walls concept

    • Watch demo on using MURAL platform 

(Click image to zoom)

Join project discussion on Zoom 

  • Brief check-in presentation

  • Group reflection on research- discuss key takeaways and personal connections


Image courtesy of Katrina Taggart-Hecksher


Objective: Students will create a reflective art board piece in response to their select murals. 

Let's Respond


Creative Making (asynchronous )

  • Watch tutorial video before you start

  • Create an art board on Picsart for your visual essay component (i.e. responding to the mural you selected) and upload to class Instagram 

  • Remix a groupmate’s art board 

Leave feedback and meet in groups

  • Feedback loop with peers on class Instagram

    • Respond to at least two art board posts

    • Comment on what you see, think, feel, or wonder (refer back to Lesson 2 prompts)

  • Gather back with your group members on the class Zoom to develop Jamboard presentations.

    • View presentation criteria here​

visual essay example 2.jpg


Let's Celebrate

Objective: Students will analyze how collaborative efforts can build solidarity through discussion of their group’s final pieces.

Example Presentation _Together We Rise_ 4 (2).png

Group Presentations  (asynchronous )

  •  Virtual Gallery Walk and feedback

    • Go through each group's presentation

    • Add at least three sticky notes on each group's Jamboard 

      • What is the impact of the concept being addressed?

  • Here's a helpful guide on providing 

Final Class Gathering in Sprout

  • Interactive online discussion, reflecting on final group artwork/visual essays

  • Class discussion and project reflection

    • Analyze how collaborative efforts can build solidarity and trust 

giphy (5).gif

Image courtesy of @intoactionus

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Final Class
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